Rewards and Awards

Rewards and awards are achieved by employees who regularly perform. The performance is judged on a particular criteria and after that they’re allocated the ‘Abhinandan Award’, which is categorized into four types of awards

Spotlight Award

This award is given to employees on a monthly basis and is an individually distributed award where any employee from a same/different department can give a spotlight to another employee from the same/different department.

U-MAD Award

U-Made A Difference award is given to employees on a monthly places where commendable work that made a difference is recognized and the employee / employees are awarded and appreciated.

Transformer Award

This award is based on team activity and given quarterly where three teams are selected as winners after proper consideration and rewarded with trophies, certificates and more.

Hai Dum Award

This award is also based on team activity and given half-yearly where the winning team gets a cash prize.

Raymond Excellence Awards

This award is for the Raymond Group Level companies and conducted every year for various individual / team categories of

Abhinandan Award

Umad Award

Raymond Excellence Awards